25. January 2018.

CNC details as a special touch on Dijagoninvest’s buildings

Using CNC details in decorating buildings’ interiors is a new practice that we are planning on implementing in our future projects.

When you combint wood, steel, experience and creativity, you get unique industrial details that are created by our friends from Industry Furniture. Owing to the cooperation with them, we will create a unique visual touch that will create the special aesthetic feel in the joint premises (entrances and corridors) in the buildings from Dijagoninvest’s portfolio.

CNC is actually an abbreviation of Computer Numerical Control and it refers to computer controlled machines that can be used for processing various types of materials, For instance, there are CNC machines specializing in woodwork, PVC materials, metal, and stone.

In our case, we will use sheet materials (sheet metal, aluminum, inox, copper) and, with additional LED lighting, we plan to create unique installations that will be a recognizable feature of all our future projects.