Blog / 10. May 2018.

10 Pieces Of Advice For Proper Maintenance Of The Oak Parquet

Long lasting and resistant, oak flooring is the ideal foundation for every home. In addition to its unique appearance, this wooden floor also gives a special note of luxury to the living space.

In order to maintain the characteristic texture of the wood as long as possible and extend its longevity, it is important to know how to properly maintain oak parquet. The quality of parquet finishing, meaning whether the parquet is painted or coated, plays an important role here.

Below, we are giving you instructions for proper maintenance of oak parquet where stone oils are used as a finishing agent.

Instructions to extend longevity of parquet – protective measures for a long life

The oily finish layer accentuates the natural colour and the characteristic appearance of the wooden substrate. So, first of all, when it comes to parquet care, you need to know how to maintain it properly.

1. Carefully select the cleaning agents

Use cleaning agents designed to keep the floors with oily finish clean, and follow the instructions. Try to avoid the use of strong chemical-based cleansers, chemicals and acids that act aggressively, permanently destroying the surface of the parquet.

2. Vacuum regularly

In order to increase the durability of parquet, and keep your home clean at every moment, it is sufficient to regularly vacuum the parquet with a soft pedal / brush. This will remove large, abrasive particles that can damage its surface layer.

3. Wipe the floor with a dry or damp cloth

After vacuuming, it is enough to wipe it under a well drained, only damp cloth, in order to avoid additional moistening and damage to the floor.

4. Air the rooms regularly

Irregular airing and increased air humidity in the apartment can deform the parquet which could rise above the surface and have cracks. It is therefore important to comply with this routine, especially during the heating season.

5. Protect the floor from strong lighting

Whether it’s sun or intense indoor lighting, very strong light can affect the colour of the parquet.

6. React to stains immediately

If you happen to spill water, or some other kind of liquid (coffee, wine), immediately wipe the spill. This will prevent the formation of permanent stains and deformation of parquet due to humidification.

7. Don’t walk around your apartment in your shoes

Certain footwear, especially high heels, can cause permanent damage to parquet surface. Therefore, it is better not to walk around the apartment in your shoes. In addition, this is how we maintain our homes hygienic.

8. Fleece pads – real friends of the floor

Fleece pads, glued to the legs of the furniture (especially chairs) will prevent scratches on the parquet that occur due to moving a piece of furniture.

9. Do not forget door mats

Place the mats at the entrance to the apartment and in the hallway. In this way, you will prevent the sand from entering and spreading to the apartment, which will, consequently, damage the parquet.

10. Lift your furniture and do not worry about scratches

Are you re-arranging your apartment? Always lift the furniture while moving it, as in this way you will take proper care of the parquet.


In order to preserve the characteristic shade of oak of your parquet floor, it is necessary to coat it with a new layer of oil once in a while. It is recommended to do this every five years as usual maintenance.


Tip: Use black tea to make the parquet really shiny

You probably did not know this little trick. Black tea brings back that good-old shine to the floor, and it looks natural. The procedure is very simple.

For darker parquet floors: add 8 bags of black tea to two liters of boiling water. Wait for it to cool. Wet the cloth with the tea, squeeze well and wipe the floor.

For lighter parquet floors: the same procedure goes for lighter floors, but put 4 to 6 tea bags in the same quantity of water.