Blog / Promo / 10. May 2018.

Concrete as the Main Trump Card of Contemporary Interiors

Often perceived as rustic and cold, concrete is becoming increasingly present in interior decoration. Whether we are talking about an industrial-style room, minimalist or ultimately luxurious, concrete has become a staple.

At first glance, this building material looks rough and neutral. Observed from a different perspective, concrete becomes a flexible, versatile, and unobtrusive material that, in combination with other elements in space, exhibits incredible potential.

At first, concrete was amply used in big spaces – museums, luxury hotels, industrial styled cafes, and night clubs, but, recently, it has started to ‘creep in’ into homes too. Concrete has transitioned from being “raw” to sophisticated, giving a new dimension to the perception of interior design.

Concrete on walls, floors, ceilings … In living rooms, lounges, kitchens, bathrooms … Concrete as decoration, or as a decent substitute with traditional materials – this material has is nowadays used in both expected and unexpected places in interior design.

Concrete floors

At first, concrete flooring remind us of factories. However, in combination with wooden furniture and warm materials, these floors become the perfect choice. They are solid, long lasting and easy to maintain. Concrete floors can be embossed (printed embossed texture that imitates that find in nature), or polished with a glossy base that adds an extra note of elegance to the home. Once finished, these floors don’t have to necessarily be grey. There are many optional colours in order for concrete to fit the designer’s vision as closely as possible.

Concrete walls

Concrete walls are a unique detail of every space. Real concrete is used here, in addition to decorative concrete linings – plates of regular or irregular shapes, monolithic or partial constructions, in single shade, or as a combination of different shades of grey. Coupled with warm lighting, ample natural light, good furniture selection and vivid colours, concrete walls leave a powerful impression.

Concrete is a waterproof material, therefore it is an ideal ally in decorating trendy bathrooms.

Finally, for those of you who not that keen on experimenting with materials in the interior, one of the options is a special painter technique called concrete technique that, if done well, can be a very good imitation of this material and its rather effective replacement.

Concrete furniture

Concrete kitchen tops, wash basins, but also pots, lamps, tables, armchairs, sculptures …

Concrete has definitely become a trend. It is so versatile that it has easily transitioned from the creative minds of the world’s best furniture designers to the fans of different interior forms.

Concrete is definitely a new, unique expression. This is an interio design material with an attitude.