Blog / 10. May 2018.

Penthouse – Reference of Good Taste

Penthouse is a blend of the most creative ideas, advanced visions and modern interior perception. In most cases, penthouse is an embodiment of a developer, an architect, or a designer’s personal touch, and is the undisputed representative of the trend. Only the best of the best is used in these types of apartments – from the finest materials to the finest decorative details. It is no wonder that these spacious, bright, isolated living spaces have such a privileged position today, and that they are one of the most desirable options for urban living.

However, it wasn’t always like that.


Until the 1920s, big spaces occupying last floors in buildings were not livable. They were mostly used as laundry rooms or storage, and they were often dirty and not fit for living. The economic growth recorded at that time in America, began to change the image of American cities with more people moving to urban areas in search for better life. Along with the construction boom, also the lift technology made significant advances. The result was an ideal environment for architects to start seeing a great potential of vacan last floors in buildings. For the first time ever, spacious apartments with many windows, beautiful gardens and terraces with the great city views were built resembling small, private kingdoms which, at first, were only appealing to artists, avantgarde and celebrities hungry for privacy.

History of the term ‘penthouse’

Even the term itself has been changing throughout history. From the Latin word “appendere” (hanging, extension), and the French word “apentis” (supplement, additional building) to the middle-English word “pentis” (extension of the building), which got the suffix house in beginning of the 16th century. From the 1920s to date, the term penthouse evolved to mean a “luxury apartment / house on the roof of a building”.

Penthouse as the very definition of luxury

Laguna Residence Bay A – Penthouse Type 2

This type of apartment is in every way a worthy option. Not bound by deadlines, while having large spaces at their disposal, architects and interior designers perceive this kind of an apartment in the same way as the painter’s sees a blank canvases. That is why such projects are treated with special care, infused with an additional dose of creativity, using luxury accessories. Oftentimes, buyers of this type of real estate usually give their input to certain segments of the penthouse decoration.

Penthouse apartments are top-notch trend representatives, packaged in luxury, and spacious and comfortable homes. They are, in fact, the best expression of visions materializing in reality.